Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Group onboard as a Main Sponsor

Around the world sailing just got more comfortable. And glamorous.

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One of the best hotels in Portugal

The Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Group will once again provide world class support for the Portugal Ocean Race. Event organizers and competitors will be treated to some of the best accommodation on the Algarve coast both before and after the race. Just as they did for the Portimão Global Ocean Race 2008/9, the beautiful Tivoli  Marina Portimão in the heart of the Marina de Portimão will host and provide accommodation for the Portugal Ocean Race.

“Tivoli is a name that evokes tradition, quality and comfort combined with excellence. We are therefore delighted to be the official Hotel Group of the Portugal Ocean Race,” said Rita Alves Machado, Marketing Director of Tivoli Hotel and Resorts. “The Portugal Ocean Race is a world class event taking the name Tivoli around the globe in a pioneering way just like our Portuguese forefathers. We are proud and honored to be a part of this great event and look forward to welcoming teams from around the world to Portugal where we will show them the special Tivoli service and excellence.”

The Tivoli Marina Portimão in Portimão is located a stones’ throw away from where the fleet will assemble for the start of the Portugal Ocean Race. It will be convenient for the teams and their families to make use of the hotel facilities while preparing their boats for the race around the world. The hotel has superb facilities for sponsor parties, conferences, even for quiet family time. 
Since the end of the first race, organizers of the Portugal Ocean Race have been using the Tivoli Marina Portimão as their base for preparations of the second race in the City of Portimão. Competitors and their families are welcome to do the same when they come over to Portugal to enjoy the steady breeze and flat water sailing along the stunning Algarve coast.

When we say Glamorous, we mean Glamorous, as you will certainly agree when you sit back and enjoy this link;


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