Portimão backs Portugal Ocean Race

City of Portimão back on board for the next two editions of the Portugal Ocean Race.

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In 2009 the Algarve city of Portimão was still relatively unknown to the sailing world. The Med Cup took their event out of the Mediterranean and staged one of its regattas in the perfect sailing waters off Portugal, but globally it was not a name that rolled off the lips of sailors. That all changed when Mayor Manuel da Luz courageously signed a sponsorship deal for the inaugural Portimão Global Ocean Race. His vision and courage was rewarded, and the event was a success.

Now Portimão is back, for what they like to call the “consolidating” edition of the race this time embracing all of Portugal with the event renamed the Portugal Ocean Race. The city is ready to host to the next two editions of the race and will serve as the start and finish port for the 2012/13 event.

Portimão is the perfect place to start and finish an around-the-world race. It is south of the Bay of Biscay allowing sailors to ease into their long passage to Cape Town without having to deal with shipping lanes and currents. Culturally the city, and country, offer a great deal to sailors and their families who are integral to the success of the event. And best of all the magnificent Marina de Portimão and the Tivoli Hotel, both previous sponsors of “first edition”, will offer some of the very best amenities for any sailor preparing for a long race around the world. They will also be there to offer rest and recuperation once the race is over.

Mayor Manuel de Luz along with Ricardo Diniz from Portugal Ocean Race and Nuno Aires from Algarve Tourism

Photo: Nuno Aires, President of Algarve Tourism, Ricardo Diniz, Portugal Ocean Race and Manuel Da Luz, Mayor of the City of Portimão.

Presidência da República Algarve Portimão