The President endorses the Portugal Ocean Race

The prestigious Alto Patrocinio da Presidencia status has been bestowed on the Portugal Ocean Race by Cavaco Silva, the President of Portugal.

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There is a tremendous amount of national pride in Portugal, especially regarding the glorious era of the Discoveries, over 500 years ago. Portugal has always been a dynamic country, full of innovation, from its early seafaring days to it’s standing on the world stage as a pioneering high-tech launch pad for Western Europe. The theme now among politicians and business is The Ocean, and therefore it’s thrilling that the President of Portugal has given the Portugal Ocean Race his highest endorsement. President Cavaco Silva has bestowed on the event the presitgious Alto Patrocinio da Presidência status.

President Cavaco Silva said, "We must re-think our relationship with the Sea. Re-think the way we explore the opportunities that the Sea offers us. It is worth implementing the idea that the Sea is Portugal's biggest asset for our future. It is my profound conviction that the oceans can help Portugal grow on the international scene. The Sea has therefore become a real priority for national policy. By embracing our maritime potential we will become stronger. The sea could generate so much wealth and employment."

pr“For a proud and partiotic Portuguese citizen this is the highest honor,” said event co-founder Ricardo Diniz. “The President incorporates the sea and oceans into many of his speeches as he talks about his vision for the country. It is fantastic that President Cavaco Silva should recognize the potential of the oceans in the future of the Portuguese economy. We are extremely honoured and humbled by the President's kind gesture.

By having the Alto Patrocinio da Presidência status, the Portugal Ocean Race, and by extension the competitors and sponsors can count on the full support and blessing from the highest offices in Portugal.

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