Liberty Seguros onboard as a Main Sponsor

One of the world's leading insurance companies has partnered with the Portugal Ocean Race

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Liberty Seguros - Onboard the POR

We are incredibly proud to announce that Liberty Seguros, one of the world's leading insurance groups and voted the Best Company to Work for in Portugal in 2011, is now Founding Partner and a Main Sponsor of the Portugal Ocean Race.

This all started with a simple brainstorm meeting in January. Liberty are a wonderfully enthusiastic team, from their charismatic CEO to the super friendly call center staff and agents. They quickly understood the potential of the partnership but started things off by hiring Ricardo Diniz for a talk in their annual conference. That went really well, and the all important human connection began to really warm up! Then Liberty asked Ricardo to do another talk, this time integrated in their nationwide project 'Portugal Positivo', an initiative designed to estimulate positive energy and pride in all things portuguese. That went really well too :) It was therefore a natural step to take things one step further and sponsor the Portugal Ocean Race.

Rodrigo Esteves, Liberty Seguros Marketing Director is excited and enthusiastic with this investment; "By partnering with the Portugal Ocean Race we aim to show Portugal and the world a positive image of Portugal and the potential of what makes us stand out and unique as a nation. Liberty Seguros has a long history in sports and events partnerships, so we therefore consider that our partnership with the Portugal Ocean Race is a way to contribute to a Positive Portugal and may that spirit and attitude, which is so present in all who work within our organization, spread to everyone!"

But that's not all! During September, Liberty Seguros staff will be able to enjoy a full tour of the Portuguese coast on our Class 40 Racing Yacht, the same one that just completed the Rolex Fastnet Race!

"This is great news for the sport", said Ricardo Diniz. "Liberty Seguros are a fantastic company. It has been awesome to work with them since January and we have already made some solid friendships within the group. I am so grateful and proud for their vision and trust in our global event. Liberty Seguros fully understands what the Portugal Ocean Race is about and it is truly wonderful to have this company, this group of people, by our side. Thank you to everyone at Liberty Seguros. Really. It is a great honour for us to have you onboard."



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