We're Hiring. Asap! Good luck... :)

The Portugal Ocean Race is looking for outstanding individuals to be a part of our expanding international team.

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We Like You!

We are building a world class event and need enthusiastic, multi talented individuals to build with us to the next level and beyond.

* Do you stand out with your positive attitude and passion for excellence?
* Do you dream of being a part of a winning global project that is quickly developing numerous spin offs and an exciting international business?
* Do you feel slightly out of the box yet feel that more is possible?
* Are you driven, confident and really good at something?

Then we want to hear from you. Asap!

Things we need from skills you may have:

* French, English, Portuguese speakers. Close to fluent in at least two of these languages is ideal. We need you to handle basic media, website updates and most importantly, to take care of our competitors and their every need.

* Creative multimedia master. You will know how to make something look and sound fab and can coordinate a team of video and photography personnel. Your videos will be awesome!

* Are you a story teller? Have we got a story for you!

* Can you handle stress? Promise not to panic too much? We need a right hand senior director for everything related to the action on land. We mean music. We mean surprises!

* Good with youngsters? Know how to recruit, organize and manage volunteers? We need plenty. In various countries.

* Are you French? Do you know something about Portugal? Do you like sport, people, people and... um, people? Can you make coffee? Just kidding :) But you've guessed it, we need a POR Race Secretary.

* Know stuff about marketing, branding, how to keep sponsors, media and stake holders happy?

Do your home work. Let us know why you should be on board. We very much look forward to hearing from you. Don’t worry too much about a perfect CV. We’d rather be impressed by you, not a piece of paper. Go for it! And Good luck! J

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** we love people :) **

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