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Full details of the Portugal Ocean Race are outlined in the Notice of Race.
Below are some basic details surrounding the event.


Leg 1 - Portimão, Portugal to Cape Town, South Africa - 7,100 nautical miles

Leg 2 - Cape Town, South Africa to Auckland, New Zealand - 7,500 nautical miles

Leg 3 - Auckland, New Zealand to Rio de Janiero, Brazil - 6,800 nautical miles

Leg 4 - Rio de Janiero, Brazil to Portimão, Portugal - 4,900 nautical miles


leg1 leg2 Leg 3 leg 4


To give prospective competitors/stopover ports an estimate of time spent at sea and time spent in port, below is a reasonable calculation for each division.

Race Start - Portugal - October 20, 2012
Arrive South Africa Nov 30, 2012 after 41 days at sea - 7.2 knots average

Leave Cape Town Jan 1, 2013 after 32 days in port
Arrive New Zealand Feb 12, 2013 after 42 days at sea - 7.5 knots average

Leave New Zealand March 9, 2013 after 25 days in port
Arrive Brazil April 17, 2013 after 39 days at sea - 7.3 knots average

Leave Brazil May 4, 2013 after 17 days in port
Arrive Portugal June 3, 2013 after 30 days at sea - 6.7 knots average


The race will be scored on point with points accumulated for each leg as well as at a minimum of one scoring gate per leg.


The Portugal Ocean Race will be contested in teams of up to six people per team with a maximum of four people on board for each leg. Teams can choose to race with one, two, three or four people on board and can change that number for the different legs. Race organisers reserve the right to have different scoring gates for entries with differing number of people on board, but no matter the number on board, all boats will be scored equally and all teams will compete on an even footing for the Portugal Ocean Race Trophy.


The Portugal Ocean race will be contested in Class 40 yachts that are ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category Zero compliant and meet other relevant race rules such as the Sailing Instructions for each leg.


Each competitor will need to complete a qualifying voyage of at least 2,000 nautical miles. Full details of the qualifying voyage and how each “team” must qualify will be available in the Notice of Race. 


Presidência da República Algarve Portimão