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The Portugal Ocean Race is first and foremost a competitor driven event. It’s clear to the race organizers that no matter how great and creative an event may be, it’s only as great and as successful as the efforts of the competitors who show up and compete. With that in mind we have listened very carefully to what sailors are saying, and this is what they have told us:

  1. Competitors want a course that takes in major cities and does not wander around the globe unnecessarily extending the length and scope of the race. We listened and the Portugal Ocean Race will stop in three of the most dynamic cities on the planet; Cape Town, South Africa, Auckland, New Zealand and Rio de Janiero, Brazil’s crown jewel.

  2. visionCompetitors want some flexibility within their teams to be able to spread the costs and involve other sailors when and where they feel it’s necessary. We listened and the Portugal Ocean Race will be competed for in teams of up to six people - a Six Pack. Sailors can choose who gets to race each leg and can have anywhere between one and four people on board. For strategic reasons a team can choose to sail with only one person on board in order to save weight, but may also opt for a crew of four in order to push the boat hard. This adds a degree of strategy and intrigue not found in other offshore races.

  3. Competitors want to feel a part of a community. We listened and the Portugal Ocean Race has been endorsed by President Cavaco Silva, the President of Portugal, and the race has been given the prestigious Alto Patrocinio da Presidência, which is The High Patronage of the Portuguese Presidency. Along with successful, global Portuguese companies that have partnered with the event, as well as a comprehensive education program that will run concurrent with the race, the Portugal Ocean Race will receive broad community support.

  4. VisionCompetitors want a detailed and comprehensive media plan. We listened and have the full support of one of Portugal’s top TV networks as television broadcast partner for the event. In addition one of Portugals leading print and online media outlets is an integral media partner of the Portugal Ocean Race. Together they will provide the kind of media package that will benefit all our competitors as they secure their own sponsorship for the race.

  5. Competitors want experienced leadership. We listened and have assembled a formidable core Executive Team. We know you'll appreciate our integrity, leadership and experience. Led by super successful businessman turned professional sailor Larry Rosenfeld acting as CEO and Race Director, along with Ricardo Diniz and Brian Hancock filling executive roles both within Portugal and globally, the Portugal Ocean Race has the necessary elements for success. Backing up the team are a diverse group of celebrities, ultra experienced sailors, government officials and even a couple of admirals.

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